Payyanur Hanuman Statue

       The 41 feet tall Hanuman Statue installed by Sunson Herbal Products and Surya Trust, Payyanur is situated 215 m above sea level and is the biggest Hanuman Statue in South India.

Enchanting greenery and scenic beauty of the hill, Arabian Sea down the valley , paddy fields, small islands, red sand hills, tall coconut trees; to experience kerala at a glance, tourists, you are welcome!

Visitors here experience a spiritual life force and a positive energy. At Ezhimala where there is a live presence of immortal Anjaneya, one can hear Ramamanthra chanted by Shree Rama Bhaktha Hanuman. By simple ‘darshan’ or sparsham (touching) one can please the Saturn . One could feel the gratification of haealing in the slow wind creasing the ‘Mritha Sanjeevan’, medicinal plants and the species of plants and trees of Ezhimala.

Ezhimala has a strong link with the Indian Epic ” Ramayana”. During Rama- Ravana war, Ravana killed many of the Rama forces including Lakshmana. Then Lord Hanuman went to Himalaya Mountain to collect the medicine “Mrithasanjeevani” which has the power to bring back died one’s to life. While taking the Himalaya mountain with “Mrithasanjeevani”, a small part of the mountain was dropped from Hanumans hand and it fell in seven parts( one touching the other) near the Payyanur- Ramanthali coastal region. It is believed that the presence of Lord Hanuman is still there at Ezhimala Hills. It is also believed that Ezhimala was visited by Lord Buddha who was the founder of Buddhism.

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