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Payyanur Railway OverBridge

Payyanur Over Bridge

The railway overbridge at Payyanur is going at a much faster pace than expected. It is nearly complete and only the pending part is from Railways over the bridge crossing which is their contract. The road below the bridge in the direction of station is the best and smoothest one you will ever find in the town.


Payyanur History

Centuries ago Payyanur was part of famous Ezhimala Kingdom and was ruled by King Nandan.Later Ezhimala came under regime of the Chera Dynasty and thereafter the Mooshaka Dynasty. A village south of Payyanur, Ramanthali was the headquarters of the Mooshaka Dynasty. Later during the regime of the Kolathiri Dynasty Payyanur was a part of Kolathu Nadu ruled by the Kolathiri Rajas based in Chirakkal near Kannur. During the British Rule,…


Payyanur Personalities

Payyanur has groomed several social workers like Peeranki Nambeesan, community activists, extraordinary orator and freedom fighter KP Kunhirama Poduval who founded Sanjayan Smaraka Grandhalayam at Annur (Sanjayan Memorial Library), Kelappan Service Center (perhaps the only institution built in memory of Kelappaji, also known as “Kerala Gandhi”) and Payyanur Co-operative Stores among a host of other social organizations. Also from Payyanur are: Subrahmanya Shenoy (communist ex-MLA),V.P Sreekandha poduval(freedom fighter and “vayider”)….


CPM District Conference

PAYYANUR: A ‘microchip’ designed to leak out the deliberations at the delegates meet of the CPM district conference was spotted by the organisers at the ‘IV Das Nagar’ (Ayodhya Auditorium) here, according to P Jayarajan, district secretary of the party. P Jayarajan said that the device was left at the venue of the delegates’ meet by a mediaperson. It was a member of the organising committee who found the device…


Thullal in Payyanur

The dance form of Thullal created by Kunjan Nambiar was much popular in Payyanur.  The thullal tradition starts with Appade Achan who was an expert all the three forms of thullal- Ottan thullal, Seethangan thullal and Parayan thullal.  Appade Ramanasan, PK Poduval and Karivellur Kumaranasan were very famous all over Kerala.    In the new generation, Krishnan Kutty is a promising artiste.


Meenamruthu Festival

Ashtamachal Bhagavathi Temple of Payyanur Theru has got many specialties as its own. The offerings and rituals during the 8-day long festival, which usually falls on the month of April is quite different from other temples. Apart from the Theyyam some other rituals are also performed here. “Meenamruthu” is main attraction of the annual festival of this temple. By mid day all the devotees including elders and children rush to…


Payyanur Aradhana Mahotsavam

The major festival of this temple, the “Aradhana Mahotsavam” is celebrated from the 1st of Vrishchikam to 14th of the same month of the Malyalam Era. Aradhana Festival is considered as the festival of the whole Payyanur. The Aradhana festival of payyanur is the marks beginning of the festival season of Payyanur and neighboring places. The “tidampu ezhunnellathu”(procession of the deity) accompanied by the traditional musical instruments and other sacred…

Payyanur Ambalam Cherra

Subrahmanya temple

  Sree Subrahmanya Swami Temple of Payyanur  is believed to be constructed by Lord Parasurama, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.  There are references in Hindu Puranas about this temple and the temple town Payyanur. In Brahmanda Purana the temple and its town is being mentioned while Muni Garga explains about Kerala to the Pandavas during their exile (vanavasa). Subrahmanya Swami Temple is closely related with the Payyanur.  Even the name…

Kawai Puzha On A Rainy Day

Kawai Puzha

  Kawai lying along the coast of Kerala is a beautiful backwater destination that magnets scores of tourists from all over the world for kawai houseboat tours. Everything here is exciting in kawai. Its scenic backwaters or the gothic churches, all add to the charm and beauty to the city that are inescapable. The networks of indispensable lakes, canals and logons that make the scenic water world also called the…


Professor K T Kunhikrishnan Nambiar

K.T. Kunhikrishnan Nambiar (born 17 May 1951 in Peralam, died 12 August 2010) was an Indian chemist. He had his early education in Payyanur and graduated in chemistry with honours. He completed his Master’s degree in chemistry, specializing in (organic/inorganic chemistry) and joined Payyanur College after his studies in 1977. He joined Payyanur College after his studies in 1977. He was the head of the department of Chemistry Department of…

Hanuman Statue Payyanur

Payyanur Hanuman Statue

       The 41 feet tall Hanuman Statue installed by Sunson Herbal Products and Surya Trust, Payyanur is situated 215 m above sea level and is the biggest Hanuman Statue in South India. Enchanting greenery and scenic beauty of the hill, Arabian Sea down the valley , paddy fields, small islands, red sand hills, tall coconut trees; to experience kerala at a glance, tourists, you are welcome! Visitors here experience a…


Payyanur — an ancient town shrouded by hills and rivers

This northern corner of Kannur district in the North Malabar region of Kerala is known for its temples, astrologers and the Pavithra Mothiram, a ring shaped like a knot which is worn during vedic rituals or the ‘pithrubali’ (a ceremony performed for the well-being of ancestors). On average there must be three temples for every square kilometre here. But Payyanur has other claims to fame as well. Mahatma Gandhi heard…