Astrology In Payyanur

             Astrology is a science. There are many astrologers all over the world. In our India astrologers from different parts of the country have their practice. Usually astrologers from kerala are very well accepted. Payyanur is home to famous astrologers and also has an Astrological calendar (Panchangam) called Jyothi saddanam. Payyanur being the land of Astrology is linked with Sree Subrahmanya swami Temple as Lord Subrahmanya is considered as the lord of Sun, planets and universe. Poduvals, a community of north kerala town of Payyanur is considered as the best. There have been many astrologers from this area, who should miracles in our states of tamilnadu, kerala, and karnataka. Late.Shri.VPK.Poduval is one of the best, further came Shri.Narayana Poduval, Madhava Poduval etc. In this period of time, there is a young poduval astrologer with very striking achievements. He is Shri.Chithrabhanu K Poduval of Payyanur,kerala. There are huge followers in karnataka, andra and Maharashtra area. He used to travel to all parts of India for giving parihaaraas and doing the required parihaara. A person who finds the most possible doctor to cure your illness, cured many PHYSIC problems, duel personality and sleeplessness, cures matter related to CHILDLESSNESS, CHILD LOSS, LOSS OF PARTNER. Finding LOST PROPERTY, THEFT, CLUES regarding an investigation and culprit, FOUND MORE THAN 37 CULPRITS TILL DATE),PRATISTA KARMAS, TEMPLE RELATED DOSHAS eradication,VASTU DOSHAS, Pariharaas, Remedy for all PLOT AND DWELLING LOCATION, Proper KAALA SARPA, SARPA DOSHA and GULIGA DOSHA PARIHARAAS, and more than everything, who introduced a yanthra, which give money flow in certain mentioned periods by him. It’s the world’s only money flow yanthra with predictions. A young man with huge capabilities, bliss and humbleness. Grandson to Keralas most famous freedom fighter and orator Shri. K.P.Kunhirama Poduval, and son of Late. K.U.Kunhikrishnan (syndicate bank), he is well with royalty and well-known ancestors too. There were occasions when the district police station asked his help to find culprits. The nearby Medical College refers him sometimes for psychic and heart related cases. What more does an astrologer wants, what more the people who find him wants. This young man is carrying the charisma of poduvals all the way. Its like in music, an AR REHMAN taking off the way of Illayaraja or RD Burman.

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